March 20, 2013

Eden Chasers: Novaleen

We're rolling out an exciting new feature here at Finding Eden Media...a special interview series for creatives called Eden Chasers!  Writers, musicians, designers, artists, actors...they're all involved in creative arts in some way and we want to showcase some of their work and passion with you!  


Today, we're introducing husband and wife duo, Taylor and Rachel and their band, Novaleen!

Thanks for joining us, guys! You know Nate and I love you to pieces and we're blessed to call you friends in real life, but share with our readers a bit of the back're creative in so many ways, but music has become your home base.  Share a bit about that with us!

Rachel and I have both loved music our entire lives.  Music makes us happy.  We are, in a sense, music nerds.  We hear songs on the radio and instead of just enjoying them, we say how much we like the EQ of the snare or how the engineer tuned the vocals, or how good (or bad) the electric guitar tone is.  Music is something that we don't do to become famous, but something we do because deep down, we enjoy sharing it with each other!  

We completely understand that listening process! It can be maddening to not be able to sit down a just listen to a piece of music without dissecting it!  But let's take this all one step further: Here at Finding Eden, we're passionate about partnering with others to realize their "Eden" —that space where passions, gifts, and purpose all converge!  Tell us about the Eden you were created for and how that ties in with your music!

We were all created to worship God through something.  For some people, they are supposed to be Christians in the business world, some are supposed to be Christians in construction, and others are meant to be Christians who create.  Rachel and I were made to create music.  We are both passionate about writing and recording quality music that people WANT to listen to!  In Psalms, David writes, "Play skillfully for the Lord and sing a new song!"  I believe that means that in whatever we do, we are supposed to do our best, and that we are supposed to always be finding new and innovative ways to create and to worship.

That's beautiful — love that verse, Tay!  So, if that's your "Eden" or sweet spot in the creative world, what do you hope to communicate through your music?  What is your overarching message?

We want to communicate that life is beautiful, but it's also the hardest thing you will ever do.  We want to write songs about life, and about how through relationships and through love, and always relying on God — you WILL make it through.  Our music is predominately slow(er), we connect with music in a very emotional way and the products are slow-ish songs with lyrics that really make you think!

As you work on honing that message and getting out to the world, give us a sneak peek into the process behind your creativity.  Do you prefer to make your music in chaos or structure?

We prefer to create in chaos.  Life is chaos and the best way to portray life is to create in it.  Sometimes it's hard, but music isn't about being able to read score after score of sheet music, it's not about recording in one take; music is about feeling and emotion, and making something that at the end of the day, you feel proud to show to the world.  

What about the times when you're not really creating much of anything?  I know there are moments when Nate and I "create" something that I doesn't necessarily capture that sense of pride you described.  And every creative experiences "dry spells" — what do you do to breathe life back into your creative journey? 

You just have to do it!  You may have to change the environment you work in.  I know sometimes it is hard to write music in our apartment, so we'll go outside, or go to a park; find a way to change your perspective and the ideas will start flowing.

That's such a simple, yet profound piece of advice.  A shift in perspective can make all the difference.  Where is your current go-to source for inspiration?  

Rachel and I both love sad/slow songs.  We joke around sometimes and say that depressing songs make us happy.  We love life — all aspects of life — the good times, hard times, happy times, sad times, and we believe all of these different seasons of life inspire creativity in their own ways.  We always get spells of creativity really late at night when the world is asleep and everything is quiet.  We find that when it is quiet, and when we are supposed to be sleeping, our minds wander and songs come alive!

The night does have a certain allure for the creative.  I (Alle) do my best writing and designing when it's dark and quiet and that sense of peace and calm have settled over our house!  As we start to wrap up here, care to share your dream project with us?

Novaleen has been working on writing and recording a full length album.  It's a huge work in progress and we can't wait to show it to you.  We'll keep you updated on what's happening and have some fun stuff to share with Finding Eden Media (read: giveaways!) when we hit that milestone!

Any advice or resources you'd like to share with others in the creative field or even someone who is approaching the music industry and would like some "first step" ideas?

I always say this to creatives, but I'll say it again: keep doing what you love.  If you go through life doing something that makes you unhappy, you will live an unhappy life.  You only have one chance at this, don't waste your time on this Earth — do what makes you happy, do what God has called you to do, and through whatever you do, remember who gave you the ability and the passion to do so.  More specifically...Rachel and I are both into music and writing, but also recording music.  I would say someone who wants to get into studio recording needs to do something a little out of the ordinary:, a lot!  I have read hundreds of blogs and articles on compression, EQ, mixing, mastering, and the whole process in general.  There have been hundreds of hours of trial and error to make the sound that we have now and I'm sure in the future that sound will change even more.  I would just say that the music industry is all about timing.  You never know when something is going to go your way; it could be in 15 years, it could be tomorrow.  If you love something, never stop doing it.

Thank you so much for joining us, Taylor and Rachel!  Before we send you off, we want to share one more important thing with our readers!  Novaleen is currently involved in an exciting competition that could end up giving them some incredible recording equipment and systems and even the chance to have their music produced at the famous Abbey Road Studios!!!  We would love to bless them with a huge rush of votes!  So, here are a few ways you can help!

  1. Head over to the competition page and vote for Novaleen with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts!  (If you use both, they get two votes!)
  2. Share this interview with your friends (via social media, pin the image, shoot an email off) and let them know about this incredible new duo you've found out about today!  

Novaleen's Twitter // Novaleen's Website

February 5, 2013

// We're Cooking //

Just popping into give you a quick update!  We're so excited about all the new things happening here at Finding Eden!  We've got classes we're creating for newbie bloggers, finishing up the design on our studio site, + we're finalizing all our packages!

Shoot me an email if your interested in joining our Beta Team (read: great discounts/perks) for upcoming services + products!  We're putting together a Newbie Blogger workshop, some mini blog critiques, and social media design packages!

January 8, 2013

// Project Life: M1W2 //

Ta-da!  Here is my first 2-page spread for our 2013 Project Life album!  I'm so excited that I decided to share this project as one of our creative endeavors!  By having the accountability of knowing I'm going to post the finished spreads here at Finding Eden, I kept my camera out + accessible at all times! 

I loved the various stages of snow-gear preparations this week (excuse the blurred out photo of "stage 1 - the diaper," I know my boys will thank me one day for not sharing every little thing)!  The second part of the spread is a simple showcase of some of this week's highlights - dinner with a friend, funny napping stories, + sweet wake-up smiles + hair!  I love the joy that comes from having "littles" running around my house!